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Foshan City lixin Machinery Co. Ltd.

Address: Luo Cun, Xinghe and Industrial Park Road, Nanhai District Shishan town Foshan No. 2

Phone: 0757-81280218

Business phone: +86-18927756354





Ratio gas furnace

Standard electric kiln

The inner cavity of the furnace heat breaking layers by high temperature mullite brick, insulating layer of aluminum silicate fiber cotton, kiln firing temperature of the casing is no more than at room temperature, using the highest temperature of kiln to 1250 DEG C.

Hot recommendation computer electric kiln

Standard electric kiln

Fully automatic controller for the domestic independent innovation brand, kiln firing process of the internal temperature automatic control, with power data to maintain the function, to burn a large number of works. Kiln size can be customized

LX-14 casting machine

Tablet casting machine

Strong power, Korah 80KG mud

Ultra quiet, noise less than 20 dB

Absolute security, machine internal voltage 24V

Economical and practical, suitable for fast operation, environmental protection and energy saving.

Successful case
Foshan Xin Machinery Co., Ltd. is in accordance with the national law established a specializing in the production of pottery equipment, strong, professional pottery equipment manufacturers. Its predecessor was founded in August 1998, the new modern ceramic service center. Now the headquarters is located in the famous "Southland pottery" Foshan City Guangdong province. 5 existing engineers, professional and technical personnel 153 people, set research and development, production and sales. Since the establishment of schools for more than 560 successfully designed and built ceramic pottery classroom, laboratory. Training ceramic production of professional and technical personnel more than 800 people.